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Exterior of a Nice Home

Keep Your Home Looking Its Best With Our Additional Services.

Your home has many more important exterior systems besides roofing that helps to protect and defend it. Proper gutter placement and condition, durable siding, and even window strength are crucial to your home’s stability and efficiency. Along with our superior roof services, the Pillar Roofing & Construction team offers complete exterior home services to keep your home looking and performing at its best. Call us today to learn more about our exterior home services in Richardson, TX or to schedule your appointment at (972) 798-8901.

Siding Service

Siding Service

Siding can add reinforced protection to your home while presenting a fresh, new appearance. Siding options vary greatly and can include wood, metal, and vinyl so you are sure to find an option that works for you. While each type of siding delivers its own benefits, all siding offers protection from the elements, decreased energy use, and a classy, uniform appearance for your home.

Professional Installing Siding

Siding is an Important Defense Component to Many Homes.

Wood: Wood siding delivers the best UV protection for your home, but also has the highest maintenance requirements. This siding must be rinsed and cleaned to prevent mold and mildew. However, wood siding is the most durable and long-lasting siding solution available and can defend your home for up to 50 years.

Metal: Siding that’s created from metal delivers incredible protection from water and weather while maintaining the low maintenance you expect from metal material. This siding is durable and comes in multiple colors and textures for a look that’s all your own. Metal siding is impact and UV resistant but can dent if hit hard with debris.

Vinyl: As the most common siding option, vinyl siding delivers affordability, durability, and convenience. This siding choice is available in almost any tint or color imaginable and delivers superior protection against impacts, weather, and UV rays. These options are typically easy to maintain and require only rinsing, but cannot be painted or tinted after installation.

Skylight Repair

Skylight Repair

Skylights, while stylish, can also be a center for water leaks and escaping energy. Keeping your skylights in good condition can not only help keep energy costs down but also protect your home from both seen and hidden damages that can be costly and time-consuming. The experts at Pillar Roofing & Construction perform skylight repair and maintenance throughout Richardson, TX to ensure your skylights are in optimal condition, all the time.

Common Skylight Problems

Skylights in a Home

Skylights Offer Maximum Natural Light and Heat Efficiency When Properly Maintained.

Problems with skylights typically stem from poor installation or damaged flashing, and can include leaks and condensation buildup. As your home’s flashing becomes worn, it can begin to let water underneath, creating a gateway into the seals of your skylights. Our roofing team can repair your flashing and eliminate your skylight leaks and condensation. A shoddy skylight installation can create big problems with seals, flashing, and shifting. Our experts can repair your fixture setting as well as replacing the seals and flashing to ensure that your skylight problems are over once and for all. We also perform maintenance and cleaning to protect against sticky gears and grimy reflections as well as defending against grit and grime that can wedge inside seals.

Chimney Repair

Chimney Repair

Multiple Chimneys on a Home

Keeping Your Chimney in Good SHape Prevents Fire and Harmful Gas Inhalation.

Your chimney can not only be the cause of troublesome water leaks but can also be the culprit behind house fires and deadly gas inhalation by your loved ones. Our experts can complete your chimney repair and maintenance quickly and conveniently to ensure that your family is safe and your chimney is secure. We provide a comprehensive inspection of your chimney to identify all issues and offer realistic solutions that fit your needs. Get inspection and repair services for:

Crown and Cap Inspection: Our experts check your chimney’s crown and cap to ensure that there are no holes or damages that can let in animals or debris.

Flue Inspection: Our experts assess your chimney’s flue for cracks or other damages that could let heat into combustible areas of your home.

Brickwork: The Pillar Roofing & Construction team will inspect your chimney’s brickwork for cracks, separation, and other damages in the mortar so you can rest assured that your chimney is stable and secure.

Inner Area: We not only inspect your flue, but we also clean your chimney to prevent creosote buildup, which can easily catch fire.

Low E Windows

Low E Window Replacement

Little Girl Sitting at Window

Low E Windows Help Keep Energy Costs Down in Your Home.

Low E, or low emissivity, windows provide a layer of protection between your home and the outside world. These windows are coated during production with a protective material that reflects heat back to its origin. This means that in the Winter, your heat is reflected back into your home while the Summer heat is reflected back out. These windows are available in soft-coated styles which are coated on the inside for double-pane use, and hard coating options which are outside coated. These windows come with multiple great benefits.

Energy Efficiency: Because low E windows reflect heat, they can create less work for your HVAC unit and deliver more energy efficiency to your home.

Prevent Inside Damage: These windows help block harmful UV rays that can lead to fading on carpet and furniture.

Minimize Condensation: These windows keep the pane warm from heat reflection, so condensation is dried and eliminated.

Greater Strength: Because of the coating layer, your window is stronger and more resilient against sand, debris, and even breaking.

Minimize HVAC Wear: With more energy efficiency, your HVAC unit has to work less, meaning it gets less wear and tear. This can help your entire HVAC unit last longer.



Your home’s gutters prevent runoff from rain and snow that can lead to problems with flooding, washout, and even foundation shifting. Metal gutters provide incredible protection from breaking and cracking from weathering which can be a problem for many vinyl options.

Gutter System on Home

Gutters Prevent Flooding, Washouts, and Even Slab Damage.

However, vinyl options are more affordable than metal and won’t rust or corrode. Whether you’re looking for gutter repair or replacement, our experts can provide the information you need to make the best decision for your home.

Seamless Gutters

While most gutters are assembled from prefabricated pieces that are joined together, seamless gutter systems are created from one piece of material that is molded on-site to perfectly fit your home. These gutters offer outstanding protection without the irritation of clogs and leaks at joint points. While these gutter systems are more costly than traditional styles, they are more effective and longer-lasting and can save you money on repairs and maintenance costs throughout its lifespan.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation

Although traditional insulation is affordable and can protect your home from escaping conditioned air, spray foam insulation can offer maximum protection from both escaping air and intruding water.

Spray Foam Installation

Spray Foam Creates a Highly Protective Layer for Your Home.

This insulation material is applied with a spray technique so it can be applied in almost any location, even tight-fit crawl areas. It can also be applied in multiple layers for unstoppable protection against animal entry, roof leaks, and UV rays that cause your attic to overheat. Spray foam insulation is used in Richardson, TX because of the unbeatable advantages it offers for homes and businesses alike.

Reduced Humidity and Moisture: This foam creates a solid barrier from the outside world, minimizing humidity and moisture that can lead to mold and mildew.

Better Air Quality: Because of this material’s closed-cell formula, pollen, dander, and other allergens can no longer pass through.

Reduced Energy Cost: With foam insulation’s remarkable UV defense capabilities, your structure uses less energy to heat and cool the area.

From window repair to insulation installation, the Pillar Roofing & Construction experts have you covered when you need exterior home services in Richardson, TX. We have the experience and know-how to discuss all of your options with you so you are able to make the best decision for your home. When you need reliable home service around Richardson, TX that’s affordable and convenient, speak with our experts first by calling (972) 798-8901.