Benefits of Synthetic Roofing

Many homeowners want a unique roof that will provide their home with extra curb appeal. Wood, tile and slate are popular choices for this type of roof. Unfortunately, these roofing systems can be expensive and require a lot of extra maintenance. Pillar Roofing & Construction offers an excellent alternative with synthetic roofing materials. For more information about our synthetic roofing options, call our office at (972) 798-8901.

Roofing Installing Synthetic Roofing Tiles

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Why Choose Synthetic?

Synthetic roofing can provide the same appearance as slate, wood or tile roofs. This is good news for homeowners because these roofs also offer many other benefits that make them a sensible choice.

Slate, wood and tile roofing materials tend to be expensive to purchase and install. A synthetic roof can be installed for nearly half the amount of the authentic material.

Easy Installation
Most unique roofing systems require specialized knowledge, skills and tools to properly install. Synthetic roofing materials can be installed in a process similar to a traditional shingle roof. This cuts down the time required for installation.

Slate and tile roofing shingles are actually very heavy. A roof made with these materials can put a lot of strain on your roof framing system. Synthetic roofing materials are lightweight, which means they won’t put any extra pressure on the skeleton of your roof.

Low Maintenance
Roofs made from slate, tile and wood shingles require a series of routine maintenance tasks. With synthetic shingles, the only maintenance recommended is a routine inspection once a year.

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