Pillar Roofing and Construction: Exotic & Synthetic Roofing

Your roof crowns your  home investment and needs to reflect quality and value.  The right material for a roofing project polishes the appearance of the whole home, business or estate.

Exotic & synthetic roofing materials, i.e., polymer roofing materials or synthetic slate materials, will increase your home’s beauty and value.

Advantages of Exotic & Synthetic Roofing Systems

Exotic & Synthetic Roofing Systems are carefully engineered to provide the authentic look and durability of old world natural slate tiles and hand-split cedar wood shakes. With many color blends and several profile styles, there are authentic appearance, durability, and lifetime cost advantages of these roofing systems that add up to  exceptional value for any discerning home or business owner.

These materials are fire resistant, wind resistant, impact resistant, algae resistant, virtually maintenance-free, and have a lifecycle of around 50 years.

The manufacturers used by Pillar Roofing and Construction are DaVinci’s polymer roofing materials, Ludowici’s Synthetic Villa Tile or Inspire’s Synthetic Slate.

The Big Question – Whom Do You Trust to Install Your Roof?

Once you have decided to move ahead with an exotic or synthetic roofing system, the question is…whom do you trust to install the roof?

It is vital to understand that roofers have no licensing or registration requirements in Texas.

It is vital to check the credentials of companies you are considering using for this important task.

When it comes to Pillar Roofing and Construction, the proof is in the testimonies.  While there are numerous pleased customers, the testimony below illustrates the point already made about the lack of licensing requirements  for roofers in Texas.   Before finding Pillar Roofing, this customer’s cameras caught the fact that roofers gave her a quote without even getting on top of the roof.

EXTREMELY SATISFIED CUSTOMER!When I was first shopping for roofers for a major skylight leak I couldn’t even find an honest roofer. We have cameras all around our house. We had two roofers give us a quote to replace the entire roof that didn’t even get on top of our roof!  BLAKE from Pillar Roofing came out and then met… Blake walked me through the entire process and answered all my questions… I am extremely pleased with Pillar Roofing!!!

When it comes to a roof, excellence is everything.  Don’t leave it to chance.  Pillar Roofing & Construction is located in Richardson, Texas and serves the DFW Metroplex and surrounding cities.  They offer a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty with residential re-roofing installation.

Contact Pillar Roofing and Construction with your home or business questions about Exotic & Synthetic Roofing.

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