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Putting Plants on the Top of Roofs Is a Way to Help with Heat Reduction in Larger Cities.

Is your commercial roof aged past 15 years, and causing your energy bills to rise? In that case, you might hope to gain from an affordable green roof installation in Richardson, TX. As long-time contractors, we can assist you with almost any kind of roofing installation or replacement service, according to your needs. Contact (972) 798-8901 now to speak with one of our experts about the many roof services we provide.

What is A Green Roof?

If you are not entirely sure what green roofing is, you aren’t alone; the phrase often refers to more than a single type of roofing. In many scenarios, a green roof is any roof system that increases a building’s energy efficiency and reduces its carbon footprint, such as an acrylic roof coating. By allowing the contractors to install a roof coating over the existing roof, the current roofing won’t end up in a landfill, contributing to landfill waste. Reflective roof coatings additionally reflect UV rays, which enables the roof to keep your building cooler during hot summer months without further strain on your air conditioning systems. Roof coatings are considered a green roofing solution thanks to the many benefits they offer.

In other cases, the term green roofing refers to roof systems that are covered with vegetation. Commonly used throughout European cities, such roofing systems are designed to not only provide cooling to the structure they are applied on but additionally the air around them. Heavily populated areas can hold a large amount of heat, but areas with plant life tend to be much cooler, which is why adding plants to roofs can help with overheating problems. Such green roof initiatives also offer a reliable platform for the cultivation of native plant species that are otherwise out of space to grow. Through the reduction of greenhouse gases as well as the urban heat effect, these roof systems are recognized as an additional type of green roof installation. In a few cases, green roofing systems have been utilized to create habitats for endangered birds, or even as vegetable gardens for the structure’s residents.

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You can reach our crew of professionals at (972) 798-8901 if you’d like to discover more about green roof installation in Richardson, TX and the surrounding cities. We have plenty of expertise in the roofing industry, and we’re happy to help our clients with any and all of their roofing requirements. Quality roofs are made with quality materials, and at Pillar Roofing & Construction we only work with the best.