Falling Behind On Seasonal Roof Maintenance Can Damage Your Roof

Roof Damage

An over-abundance of leaves can really damage your roof!

When the seasons change, our roofs are well-aware! Spring brings the heavy rains, Summer brings the UV rays, Fall brings the leaves, and Winter brings ice, or even snow! Residential roof systems are designed to withstand a lot of damage, but they are far from invincible. If you want to get the full lifespan from your roof, it is essential that you perform seasonal maintenance checks. If you can’t have it inspected every season, at least be sure to keep up with the annual assessments. Today we will talk about Fall maintenance requirements, and what red flags to look out for!

Falling Leaves

It’s no secret that falling leaves can be a real pain in the neck, but did you know that leaves can also create severe damage to your roof? Believe it or not, pesky leaves are much more than a nuisance to your roof. When leaves gather on your roof and in your gutters, they create the perfect environment for water and moisture to gather and support mold and mildew. This mold and mildew sits on your roof and slowly begins to damage and rot your shingles. It is important to keep leaves and other debris off of your roof, so it can stay dry and free of damage.

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