Commercial Foam Roof Installation

Foam Roofing

Do You Want to Upgrade Your Commercial Roof to Something Better? Try Foam Roofing Today!

Are you hoping to restore your commercial roofing with a better roofing solution? For an effective and quick roof installation, ask about our polyurethane foam roof systems, which provide a seamless composition and easy installation. To make foam roofing, polyol is mixed with isocyanate, which forms a liquid that is sprayed onto your roof and sealed with a durable topcoat. Since this roof system is seamless, it provides superior leak protection, and excellent UV protection, making it perfect for nearly any commercial building. When you are considering in an expert foam roofing installation in Richardson, TX, give Pillar Roofing & Construction a call at (972) 798-8901 to learn more!

Is Foam Roofing A Smart Choice?

In order to provide dependable protection from water, many commercial roofs are covered with layers of roof material that are connected by bonded seams. Unfortunately, such roof systems fail as they get older because the seams begin to weaken. Spray foam roofing is applied in a method that leaves it seamless, which eliminates this problem. Foam roofing is also simple to install around rooftop additions such as A/C units and vents, as it is extremely flexible, and can stick to nearly any surface. A foam roofing installation can even last for over 2 decades when installed correctly, and this lightweight roofing solution requires very little maintenance.

Reliable Foam Roof System Installation

We recommend foam roofs for commercial structures, not only for its swift and easy installation but additionally for the cost-effectiveness. This roofing material provides many benefits that save you money both in installation and for the lifetime of the roof system, such as increased energy efficiency. Foam roofing easily reflects UV rays with its white and glossy appearance, and this helps keep the A/C for the building working more effectively, which helps lower your energy bills. In fact, foam roofs can earn you a yearly savings of up to 30% in energy costs. If you are considering professional foam roofing installation in Richardson, TX, give our roof contractors a ring at (972) 798-8901 and get your inspection and quote!