How Long Will a Skylight Last?

Two Skylights Side By Side Looking Out to Blue Sky and White Clouds.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Skylight?

Professionally installed skylights provide warmth, light and incredible elegance. Over time, as with any roofing structure, exposure to the elements can create a negative impact. The seals that make skylights possible can begin to degrade, which is why it’s important to contact a professional roofing company when disrepair does occur. The cost to repair the flashing around a skylight vacillates between $300 and $500 dollars. For those who do not know what flashing is, it is the metal connecting barrier that separates the skylight from the surrounding roof structure. It is important to note that the labor cost for a full skylight repair varies from state to state, deviating from the national average according to the cost of living in the area.

For fixed skylights, a three-hundred to five-hundred dollar repair is likely due to the simplicity of the design. Vented skylights are slightly more complicated, but cost typically the same amount as fixed skylights. If an electrician or carpenter needs to be involved, this will naturally drive up the price. Tubular skylights are susceptible to serious water damage due to the underlying structure required for this type of skylight. This translates to a higher initial bill for tubular repair services that can be more than five hundred dollars.

What to Do If the Skylight is Leaking?

When skylights leak, it’s never a good sign. Call a qualified roofing professional in a timely manner in order to get your skylight repaired as soon as possible. The reason why most roofing contractors recommend a quick timeline is because if a large rainstorm occurs, the resulting water damage can be catastrophic. Skylight repair requires precision and attention to detail. Once skylights start to leak, it’s seldom an effortless fix. Once homeowners initially suspect a skylight leak, it’s important for condensation to be ruled out. In more humid climates, skylights collect condensation, which may pool and drip. If condensation can be ruled out as a factor, call a licensed roofing company to assess the repair.

Can Skylights be Repaired?

When skylights show signs of damage to the internal structure, an easy fix such as caulk or sealant won’t last long. With regard to repair or replacement, many roofing contractors submit that if a skylight is customized, that repair is optimal. If the skylight is not a complex unit, it is probably to the client’s advantage to secure a replacement skylight. This is because the cost, including labor, can be dramatic (once again, depending on the associated cost of living in the area). Due to the modernization of skylights in the past fifteen years, it is more than possible that a new replacement will perform more efficiently than an older model, and will allow for homeowners to take advantage of advances in technology, including skylight shakes with remote controls and solar battery recharging.

How Long Does Flex Seal Last?

Flex seal products are a brand of sealant that is defined as a “solid-drawn spray-applied hydro seal.” It is also known as liquid rubber. The material is based on a emulsified bitumen with the addition of polymers and stabilizers. Some customers report that flex seal products will last years. The longevity of the product is highly dependent on the number of coats administered, and the maintenance involved. Cracking, peeling, and losing seal properties are signs of flex seal disrepair.

Do Skylights Need to Be Replaced?

There are some cases where skylight replacement is necessary. One of the reasons, previously discussed, is the instance where the cost of replacement is less than the cost of repair. For homeowners who are investing in a new roof, a new skylight replacement is advised. This is because if the old skylight is already experiencing leaks and various signs of disrepair, it’s likely that these problems will carry over to the new roof. Other cases for skylight replacement include seal failure, and if the skylight will need to be replaced in the future anyway.

Skylights in a Modern Kitchen Display Natural Light.

How Skylights Work

Skylights provide homes with daylighting and ventilation. Skylights are generally located on the roof, which means that while they provide lovely warmth and light during the winter, they can also provide unwanted heat during the warmer seasons. Depending on the type of skylight that is selected, and the location, these effects can be minimized. Manufacturers are known to use glazing technologies, which include heat-absorbing tints, insulated glazing, and low-emissivity coatings. Skylight repair in Richardson, TX is available for homeowners in the area who are struggling with their skylight. Whether repair or replacement is being considered, a reputable roofing company can provide a professional opinion.  

Skylight is Dripping

Skylights often leak because their flashing is damaged, improperly installed, or corroded. Sometimes, skylight leaks occur due to other, less obvious problems. Water can get through the roofing upslope of a skylight, and then trickle down into the skylight’s framing. More fortunate circumstances for a skylight drip include condensation, which occurs in more humid climates. Proper insulation for a skylight improves the overall quality of the skylight and results in a reduced need for repairs. If your skylight is dripping due to a leak, it’s likely that the atmosphere and air quality of your home is being affected. Whole house filtration assists with increasing air quality in the home.

Skylight vs Solar Tube

Solar tubes are a more affordable option in comparison to skylights. They are known alternatively as sun tubes, sun tunnels, or tubular skylights. What makes solar tubes interesting is how they function. The inside of the tube acts as a continuous mirror, funneling light along its entire length while preserving the intensity of the light. The proper installation of a light tube costs between $500 to $1,000 which is far less than the approximately $2,000 of a skylight. The smallest option for a solar tube still produces an incredible amount of light, equating to approximately 200 feet of floor area.

Skylight Advantages

In addition to providing illumination during the daytime, and starlight at night, skylights offer a glorious list of benefits. Read over the following list to determine if a skylight would benefit your home.

  • Reduced energy consumption. With the impact of lessened use of artificial lighting, energy bills can be lessened by as much as ten percent.
  • Reduction of mildew or mold buildup. Chronic respiratory problems are often associated with bacterial and fungal buildup in damp areas such as basements and bathrooms.
  • Improved access to vitamin D. Vitamin D and B1 deficiencies can cause diseases such as rickets and beriberi.
  • Increased home value. Natural illumination is one of the hallmarks of excellent interior design. Incorporating natural daylight into the architectural design of a building is a challenging and rewarding light detail.

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