Metal Roofing Repair & Installation

Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing Can Enhance the Look of Your Home and Business to a New Level.

Metal roofing is on the rise and truly it is easy to see why that is. Take a look at any house or business that has a metal roof installed on it and the look created is timeless. It is sleek and clean looking with a variety of colors to choose from, it can add a flair to your home or business that can’t be denied. If you are considering getting metal roofing installed, or want to fix the condition of an older metal roof, Pillar Roofing & Construction is here to answer any and all questions that you may have. By calling us at (972) 798-8901 we can go over different price points, color, material options, and making sure that this process is the easiest and most comfortable for you. For metal roofing in Richardson, TX, we are the right choice.

Different Benefits of Installing a Metal Roof

Getting a metal roof installed is something that will last you a very long time. If you properly maintain your metal roof it can be an investment that you never have to live without. It can be recoated as time goes on to make sure that rust or any damage that has occurred can be covered and prevented from coming back. Unlike other roofing materials, a metal roof is virtually resistant to most things. It is the perfect material to withstand heavy weather like intense wind or rain, and will not become damaged by things like hail because of its heavy durability. It is extremely unlikely that you will ever need to do a full roof replacement on this roof material which makes it a completely consumer-friendly buy. When it comes to picking out a color for your metal roof, there are a variety of colors. Essentially you can choose whatever color you want for your roof because the material is easily painted to your wants and needs. When you combine the attractiveness and longevity that a metal roof can give you for your home or building, it is hard to see why you would choose anything else. By calling Pillar Roofing & Construction at (972) 798-8901 we can see if metal roofing in Richardson, TX is the right fit for you.

  • Aluminum Roofing  Our experts in aluminum roofing will make sure that your roof is exactly what you want it to be.
  • Commercial Metal Roofing Expertly installed metal roofing can provide your business with protection against damage, leaks, and even fire. 
  • Copper Roof  For a bold statement with outstanding benefits, let our experts in copper roofing get your home or business looking it’s very best.
  • Corrugated Metal  With a rugged industrial look that can withstand all environments, corrugated metal roof installation is a great choice for your home or business.
  • Metal Shingles When you are looking for a step up from regular shingles, metal shingles can provide you with the protection you are looking for, for your home or business.
  • Residential Metal Roofing Metal roofing provides a clean look and beneficial protection for any home. 
  • Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation  Having a roof you can depend on is important. Let our experts install a standing seam metal roof for you today.
  • Steel Roofing When you need a roof that will last, steel is the best way to go to keep your home or business protected.
  • Stone Coated Steel  When you want something beautiful, that will last through any weather, stone coated steel is the right choice for you.

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Metal Roofing

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When you call Pillar Roofing & Construction, we can set you up with one of our highly trained technicians in metal roofing. Other companies may know about roofing, but when it comes to metal roofing, we believe in honesty and quality, which is exactly what we will give you. We understand that you have choices out there with who you choose to trust with your home or business and that is why we will prove to you every step of the way that we are the right choice for you. By calling (972) 798-8901 we can answer any questions or concerns you may have and ready to make the right decision for you. If you are looking for someone to take care of your metal roofing in Richardson, TX, we can be here for you every step of the way.