Commercial Metal Roofing

Is your commercial building in need of a more efficient roofing system? We are proud to offer commercial metal roof installation in Richardson, TX, which is a great option for commercial buildings. Besides the energy efficiency and easy installation, metal roofs offer a long list of benefits that our clients love. Though the initial installation cost may seem high, keep in mind that a commercial metal roof can last between 40 and 70 years, making it a wise investment in your property.

What is a Metal Roof?

Commercial Metal Roofing

We Can Give You The Roof You Deserve.

Commercial metal roofing systems are typically made of steel or aluminum but are also available in copper and zinc. Contact Pillar Roofing and Construction at (972) 798-8901 to ask a professional which composition is right for your business. Each of the metal constructs makes the roof resistant to fire and the wind, as well as mold, insects, corrosion, and cracking. Metal roofs can also reduce energy costs by 10-25% by reflecting away heat and allowing better ventilation in the roof.

Commercial Metal Roof Repair and Installation

Our expert roofing team can construct commercial metal roofing throughout Dallas, TX quickly due to the short installation period. Metal is also a simpler material to work with compared to other commercial options such as built-up roofing. This means fewer labor costs since installation doesn’t require any extra preparation. Metal roofs are installed in a locking fashion and have a slippery surface making them resistant to rain, snow, and sleet. Once the metal roofing system is installed there is very little to no maintenance required as with other roofing systems.

Metal roofing systems are typically more expensive than alternative commercial roofing systems initially, but make up for the cost in lifespan and low maintenance needs. A metal roof can cost two to three times that of a traditional asphalt shingle roof but will last up to 5 times longer and with far fewer repairs. By establishing relationships with the suppliers for commercial metal roofing in Richardson, TX, we provide our customers with the lowest material price possible.

The most common repairs needed for a commercial metal roofing in Dallas, TX are replacing individual sheets due to rust from or ponding. If the metal roof is not properly installed, it may not expand and contract normally and wear down areas around the fasteners. Our commercial metal roof repair experts take every measure to ensure that your roof is properly repaired. Contact your commercial metal roofing experts at Pillar Roofing and Construction by calling (972) 798-8901 to discuss whether a metal roof is right for you!