Roof Vapor Barrier Installation

Moisture barriers, also known as vapor barriers, are applied before the installation of the roofing material and help protect your roof against both inside and outside moisture. Pillar Roofing & Construction in Richardson, TX, installs Tiger Paw moisture barrier and Dupont Elvaloy Polymers in vapor barrier installations to ensure a strong seal and a long-lasting underlayment. Vapor barriers are available in both synthetic and organic make-up and can range in cost from $600-$1000. To speak to an expert roofing consultant about moisture barrier installation options, call Pillar Roofing at (972) 798-8901.

Benefits of Using a Moisture Barrier in Richardson, TX

Roofing Moisture Barriers

Roofing moisture barriers increase the longevity and protection of your roof.

Moisture barriers not only block moisture from both inside and outside the home, but they also contribute to lower energy cost, increased longevity in your roofing system, and help your roofing system lays flatter, increasing the uniformity and value of your roof.

Residential Moisture Barrier Installation

When homeowners need moisture barriers in Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas, Pillar Roofing and Construction is the roofer they can trust. Our dedication to quality is unmatched, and by working closely with local distributors, we are proud to provide our clients with top quality moisture barrier materials at all times. Our team can assist you with a variety of roofing services, and we have years of experience providing clients with quality roofing. To learn more about the moisture barriers we have to offer, call our team at (972) 798-8901!

Roofing Barrier

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Tiger Paw moisture barriers have a special moisture control design that helps remove nearly twice as much damaging moisture from your roof deck as the leading synthetic non-breathable underlayment. It also has a durable, non-asphaltic, polypropylene construction for long-lasting performance, unlike conventional felts that can disintegrate over time.

Tiger Paw roofing underlayment is also designed to resist wrinkling and buckling that can compromise your roof’s shingles and detract from its finished appearance, and typically come with a lifetime limited warranty when installed on lifetime shingle roofs. To find out how a Tiger Paw underlayment can benefit your roofing system, call Pillar Roofing and Construction at (972) 798-8901

Commercial Vapor Barrier Installation in Richardson, TX


Roof Liner Barrier

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Pillar Roofing and Construction uses Dupont elvaloy copolymer moisture and vapor barrier installations in flat roof installations because of their class “A” fire rating per ASTM E108, high UV-resistance, and code approval per ICC-ES 2391 and FL 11602-R1. Additionally, Dupont moisture barrier products are available with an ice and water shield that is formulated with strands of fiberglass to prevent corrosion and disk joint rot and decay around valleys, vents, and chimneys. We also offer Dupont organic choices that are asphalt saturated mats which possess a high tear strength and visible alignment lines for easier installation.

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