Hail Proof Shingles

Impact Resistant Shingles

Protect Your Roof From Hail!

The maintenance, as well as the protection of your house, are your primary worry as a homeowner, so quality is essential to keeping your house in great condition. At Pillar Roofing & Construction, our team works hard to ensure we can offer roofing solutions that match the quality you work for in your home. Wind damage is common in severe weather, and so is hail, which can possibly tear apart your roof system in seconds. Typical asphalt shingle roof systems are resilient, but usually not effectively protected from to hail damages. However, impact resistant shingles provide quality protection and resilience against hail storms. If you want impact resistant shingles on your roof in Richardson, TX, just give us a call at (972) 798-8901. 

Impact Resistant Shingles

As the title implies, impact resistant shingles are a kind of shingle roof material that is designed to stand up better to hits from debris like hail. When hail hits typical shingles, the shingle, as well as the fiberglass mat under will generally warp or crack. With fortified shingles such as impact resistant shingles, however, you can rest assured that the roofing won’t be harmed on the surface, or the fiberglass matting below in the case of a hail storm. There are several varying ways that shingles are tested for strength, but all include releasing a 2″ or bigger ball from a measured distance. A quality shingle won’t display any signs of damage on the surface or the fiberglass backing.

Stronger & Safer Shingle Options

At Pillar Roofing & Construction, we pursue roofing protection very seriously, so we consistently aim to supply the very best roof materials for our clients. Impact shingles give you aesthetic benefits in addition to the added protection, giving your roof a great look. To request a quote on impact resistant shingles in Richardson, TX, or to get additional information on hail protection for your home, call us now at (972) 798-8901! Some metal roofs are also extremely resistant to hail if you’re interested in a more modern aesthetic. With our crew on your side, you will get the exact roof you require, with quality materials and reliable craftsmanship!