Siding Repair and Installation

Is your house struggling with problems due to deteriorating or cracked siding? Your residence’s siding has a really important role in the protection of your house, so it is necessary to take care of it properly. You can select from a range of styles and materials for your siding, and each one provides different benefits. Call our staff at (972) 798-8901 to schedule your siding installation in Richardson, TX. Our roofing staff pairs skills and know-how with integrity and customer service.

The Significance of Home Siding


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Vinyl, aluminum, and cedar are the most common materials for siding. All siding is designed to protect your home from storms, and most siding materials reflect the UV rays from the sun to raise the energy efficiency of your residence. If you live in a hot climate, installing a pastel-colored siding will raise your residence’s energy efficiency. Are you wanting to schedule your siding installation in Richardson, TX? Our roofers are ready to answer all your inquiries and get you set up with an appointment with one of our siding professionals!

Discover Your Siding Concerns

You may have trouble finding siding damage, but there are a few simple symptoms you can look for to discover it before it gets really serious. If your siding is aging, it may start to distort or fade, in which case it should be replaced. Warped panels allow moisture into your home, which can cause mold to grow. If you find water spots on your siding, it could mean that there is moisture between the siding and the house that is dripping back out through the siding. Don’t merely wash away water stains, try to determine where the water is coming from so you can have someone fix the issue. The caulking and nails in your siding may also be able to show you if there is a problem anywhere. screws that are corroded and cracked caulking are symptoms that your siding is in need of repair.

When you are in need of reliable and cost-effective siding installation in Richardson, TX, call Pillar Roofing & Construction today at (972) 798-8901 to begin!