Skylight Repair and Installation

skylight repair

Keep Your Skylight Looking Great With a Repair From An Expert.

Skylights can be the perfect addition to a home. They let in more light and can look beautiful under the nighttime sky when sitting in your living room. But just like anything else, they can become damaged and cause a variety of problems in your home. If your skylight is not installed correctly or the seal becomes damaged, it can let in or out unwanted air and make your home less energy efficient. It is hard to notice when these things happen because a skylight is often on your ceiling or on a sloped part of the wall. Damage can also be a cause of a skylight leak and will need to be fixed right away in order to prevent further damage from happening. We have experts in skylight repair and replacement that will be there for you when you need to fix your skylight. If you need someone who you can trust for your skylight repair in Richardson, TX, call us at (972) 798-8901and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Skylight Leak Repair

When you have had a skylight for over 10 years, it is time to start thinking about checking for leaks. If you haven’t noticed anything already, it would be smart to call out someone to give your skylight a look over and make sure that everything is sealed the way it was designed to. Sometimes a leak can start small and may not even cause damage, but if left over time it will grow and could become an expensive fix to take care of. Skylights take a lot of distress over the years being up on the roof, but with extra care from a professional, we can make sure that everything is sealed properly and there are no cracks or separation in your windows.

When you need a skylight repair in Richardson, TX, call us at (972) 798-8901 and we can get you taken care of. We can discuss pricing options or schedule someone to come out and give you an estimate of what you might be looking at paying to install or repair your skylight.