Wood Shake Roofing

When considering the installation of a wood shake roof in Richardson, TX, there are many factors to think about. Wood shakes and shingles are a high maintenance roofing option, and require shingle and shake replacement and retreatment regularly. While wood shake roofing systems around Dallas, TX typically last longer than traditional composition roofs, their lifespan of around 50 years is considerably less than other roofing options like metal, tile, or slate.

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Are Wood Shingles and Shakes Different?

Wood Shingles

Wood shingles have a more refined look.

Wood shingles are usually made from cedar or pine, and come in two basic levels of quality. Top quality wood shingles are cut smooth on both sides and are uniform in length and width. Mid quality wood shingles are smooth on only one side for a more rugged look and are less consistent with exact length and width.

Wood Shakes are Rugged

Wood shakes provide a rugged look.

Wood shakes are made with the same material, but are substantially thicker than shingles, making them more resistant to high winds and inclement weather. Pillar Roofing and Construction can help you decide which wood shingles or shakes are right for your wood shake roof throughout Dallas, TX, to ensure the look and protection you want.

Wood Roof Repair and Installation

Wood shake and wood shingle roof installation in Richardson, TX take place like typical composition shingles, and in some cases are can even be easier for a professional roofer. Using wood shakes in lieu of traditional composition shingles can significantly raise the value of the property due to the aesthetics and protection levels of wood shakes and shingles. To find out more about how installing a wood shake roof in Richardson, TX can raise the value of your property, call us today.

Comparatively speaking, wood roof repairs are much less complex. There are several ways damages can be repaired on a wood roof, from individual shake replacement to installation of large sections as needed. It can be tempting to jump into repairs yourself, but it is important to keep in mind that walking across a shake roof can cause large amounts of damage, so it is best to leave it up to the professionals. Finding time each year to schedule a professional inspection is also essential, as a professional will alert you to any signs of damage early on.

This step is imperative in the prevention of corrosion and deterioration of your roofing system. If it’s time for an inspection of your wood shake roof, call Pillar Roofing and Construction at (972) 798-8901 to schedule an evaluation.