Effective Commercial Roof Restoration

commercial roof restoration

Call Us If You Need to Replace or Repair Your Commercial Roof.

Are you dealing with excessive damage to an aging commercial roof system? Instead of replacing your roof, you may want to look into an inexpensive and efficient roofing restoration. This includes damages such as cracking, split seams, water ponding, punctures, and even leaks! Restorations give you the benefit of an improved roof, at a lower price. It’s smartest to restore a roofing early, or else it may no longer have the option for restoration. To discover more about commercial roof restoration in Richardson, TX, call the Pillar Roofing & Construction team at (972) 798-8901!

Why Restore Instead Of Replace?

Because of the high initial cost of a roofing installation, it is sensible to follow up with regular maintenance to ensure your investment in good shape. Maintenance cannot keep the effects of aging away indefinitely, however. You will need to pick between a commercial roof replacement or a commercial roof restoration at some point in the lifespan of your roof system.

With a cost-effective commercial roof coating, you can extend the life of your roof by about 10 years, because the roof coatings we utilize fix existing damages, and prevent new ones. Roof coatings also offer you an extra 10 years of protection with a fresh coat over the first coat. The kind of roof coating we utilize depends on your current roof material, as well as your budget.

Affordable Commercial Roof Restoration Services

Among all of the benefits that come with a restorative roof coating, the affordable cost is listed among the greatest. If you go with a commercial roof restoration, you do not have to worry about costly removal fees or disposal fees for the resulting roof waste. Furthermore, since the original roof remains on top of your roof, it stays out of dumps, and allows your company to make less of a drain on the environment! If you would like to discover more about the perks of our affordable commercial roof restoration in Richardson, TX, give us a call now at (972) 798-8901!