Time for a New Shingle Roof

New Shingle Roof

An Abundance of Damaged or Missing Shingles Should Lead to a New Shingle Roof.

Like any type of roofing material, an asphalt shingle roof has a limited lifespan. Once your roof has approached or surpassed 20 years of age, you will likely need a replacement. Other factors can also determine the need for new roofing. If your roof suffered from an inadequate installation, or if faulty or low quality materials were used, you could need a new shingle roof much sooner. Stay aware for the following signs, and contact your trusted roofer should they appear.

Missing Shingles

When high winds or other threats strip shingles off your roof, you can typically have a few replaced. If a substantial portion of your roofing material has gone missing, however, you’ll need to replace the whole system. Missing shingles, even one or two, make your roof highly vulnerable to leaks.

Damaged Shingles

Damaged shingles create a scenario similar to that of missing shingles. Hail and windblown debris are common sources of damage for shingles, though tree limbs and pests can also cause harm. If your shingles ever crack, curl, or crease, they need replacement. If something has damaged a large area of your roofing shingles, you likely will need a new shingle roof.

Lost Roofing Granules

If you check your gutters and find them full of roofing granules, the time has come for a new roof. Roofing granules are the fine gravel that cover every shingle. This gravel not only provides for the attractive appearance of your shingles, but also their resilience to impacts and UV radiation. Once you’ve lost your granules, shingles will quickly curl from exposure to sunlight.

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