Why Do Roofs Leak?

Rain falling down on roof eaves.

Have A Protected Roof

When a storm hits you may be surprised when a water stain erupts from your walls or a leak makes itself known. A drop may fall onto your floor from an unknown source or you may see a gaping hole from a tree falling through a roof. Scenarios can range in severity and you may find yourself confused as what to do. Never fear, there are numerous resources out there to help you get your structural integrity back on track from plumbing services to roof repairs whenever the need calls for it. Roof repair and leak experts will be able to determine if your particular case calls for roof repair versus replacement so you can get relevant and localized fixes.

Why Roofs Leak

  • Improper Installations
  • Aggravated Damages
  • Punctured or Torn Shingles/Flashing
  • Compromised Valleys
  • Ice Dam Formation
  • Obstructed Water Flow
  • Clogged/Damaged Down Spouts & Gutters
  • Improper Roof Ventilation
  • Aged Roof
  • Flying Debris
  • Fallen Tree

Who do you call when your roof leaks?

When your roof is leaking it’s best to contact your insurance as well as a professional roofing contractor for residential roofing in Richardson, TX. If you happen to be in the middle of a storm during your call, most roofers will usually start roof repair and replacements once the storm has passed in order to avoid the risks of working with high winds, the threat of lightening and slippery roofs from the rain. As of such, if a roof leak was caused by fire than attempts will be made to get the roof back to watertight conditions. If structural integrity has been compromised than measures should be taken by offered emergency services for help and rescue.

Is a leaking roof an emergency?

A leaking roof can be an emergency depending on the circumstances. It may even be necessary to get roof repair as soon as possible if there is a projection of a storm coming through that can aggravate other systems. However, some cases may even allow you to wait for the next availability of your roofing contractor. As of such, try minimizing potential damages if you can if there is a wait as there is usually an extra fee for emergency roofing services. If prices aren’t an issue, getting a new roof or repair can be dealt with as per your discretion.

Minarture house under glass bowl protected against stormy sky above with lightening flashing.

How do you fix a leaking roof?

Roof leaks can be dealt with in a variety of ways and techniques depending on the extent of the roof repair necessary and the location of the leak. It’s important that protective measures be taken only if it’s safe to do so or at least until a professional comes around to properly address the issues. Although minor issues can be handled potentially through small patches, more extensive repairs should be handled by expert roofers. For simple fixes, it could just be that there are loose shingles or flashing missing. With this type of case, you could try getting materials of replacements at your local hardware store. For example, there are sheets of galvanized metal that can be cut down to size and simply inserted under a loose shingle. Another minor quick fix can be purchasing a caulking gun or roof sealant for cracks or holes less than ¼ inch thick. Misaligned shingles could also be sealed down with these tools. However, if you’d like to cover the area of the roof with some sort of protective sheet that acts as a sort of like an oversized umbrella or tent until repairs come around you can purchase a 6 mil polyethylene plastic sheet. This covering will require a bit of work as you’d be nailing it certain places so if you think you’ll compromise your safety wait for a professional to conduct this task. As of such, you would unfurl this material over the problem areas of the roof and make sure to have the covering go over the eaves and to the peak. You would then stabilize the sheeting by wrapping the ends around a 2 by 4. This 2 by 4 would then be sandwiched with another 2 by 4 and nailed together with 2 or 3 ¼ inch common nails.

Is leaking roof covered by insurance?

Typically homeowners insurance will only cover damages that are considered unpreventable circumstances. A roof repair from a roof leak caused by inclement weather can be covered as it would fall under this category but all other cases would be considered general maintenance and would be the home owner’s responsibility to pay costs. Be sure to discuss your deductible options with your insurance as three common options can work in your favor. There’s the standard all perils per occurrence deductible, wind or hail deductible and a named storm deductible (which is typically offered to those who live near a coastline.)

How much does it cost for roof repair?

Roof repair may partially or fully be covered by your insurance depending on your policy. As of such, minor repairs range from $150-$400, moderate from $400-$1000 and major repairs from $1000-$3000.

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