Why Roof Ventilation is Important

Living in Texas, summers are brutal. The highest recorded temperature in Texas was in 1994 when a June day reached 120 degrees Fahrenheit. It only takes 130 degrees Fahrenheit to fry an egg, so imagine those temperature extremes not only outside, but inside, like in your home and roof. Without proper ventilation in your roof, you will be boiling inside your home, even with your A/C working on it’s highest setting. Here is why getting attic or roof ventilation is so important to extending the life of your home.

Keeps The House Cooler

Roof Ventilation Helps Keep Your Home Cooler

Probably the most important thing about ventilation is that is keeps the home cool. By strategically placing ventilation in the soffit and at the top of the roof, it helps to circulate air and regulate humidity. This is crucial to helping Texans survive during three out of the four seasons since it is always so hot here.

Lowers Energy Bill

Warm air rises. Without ventilation, the warm air will build up in the attic like a volcano, causing your roof to swell. Because you have ventilation, you air conditioning doesn’t have to work so hard, generating less energy. This means lower energy bills and more money in your pockets to spend on cooling things, like popsicles.

Balanced Air Flow

With air conditioning, filters are required in air ducts which blow out the air. If they get clogged, certain rooms can get less or warmer air than others. With roof ventilation, all air flow is equal since the roof covers the whole house and every room inside it.


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