Roof Repair Company in Richardson: Common Issues with Low Slope Roofs

Low pitched roofs have a number of advantages. They are relatively easy to install, require low maintenance, and are more ideal for a cooling and heating systems. However, this type of roof is not without its fair share of problems. The following are some of the things that a roof repair company in Richardson can help you address concerning a low slope roof.

Materials and Installation

One of the biggest disadvantages of a low pitched roof, is that you will have limited options when installing or replacing the roofs. Shingles and tiles are not recommended for a roof with a low slope. Water is more likely to sit on the roof for longer thereby making it vulnerable to leaks.

An expert can help you determine the types of materials that are suited for your roof. Roofs vary in pitch and homeowners are not always sure where to categorize theirs. An expert from a roof repair company in Richardson may recommend alternatives such as metal in accordance to the climatic conditions of your region.

Leak Repair

Because of the low pitch and the water sitting on one part of the roof, leaks are quite common. It therefore needs inspection from time to time. Some experts recommend having it inspected at least twice a year. The structure is also going to endure more damage if there is physical impact, for example, when a branch falls on it.

Leaks can be worsened if the installation was not done properly. Adhesion at the seams need to be done correctly otherwise water will begin to find its way into the house in no time. Caulking is one of the processes that a roof repair company in Richardson will apply to correct the problem.

Wind Damage

Low slope roofs are also susceptible to wind damage. Wind damage happens mostly when the seams have not been secured properly. A single open seam can cause the roof to be torn apart by forceful winds. Some adhesives may also be prone to losing their adhesive quality if exposed to sufficient amounts of moisture.

roof repair expert can help restore a roof that has experienced wind damage. The genesis of the problem needs to be identified before the roof is installed. Areas with strong winds may need reinforcements that will prevent the problem from recurring in the near future.


Low steep roofs are easy to walk on thanks to their friendly gradient. Also, they are common on garage transitions and porches. This may encourage people to step on it as they repair other parts on the upper structure of the house. Punctures can therefore occur much more frequently. It is important to limit the rate of foot traffic on this type of roofing.


A maintenance schedule is important for this low slope roofs. Maintenance work should be done twice a year. The schedule must also include documentations of the maintenance work. Proper documentation helps to prevent voiding your warranty. Ensure you pick a professional company to avoid costs incurred by shoddy repairs.

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