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Implications of Choosing a Commercial over Residential Roofing Company in Richardson

One may argue that a roof is a roof. Therefore there should be no significant difference between a commercial and a residential roofing company in Richardson. However, nothing can be further from the truth. The two are different and there are implications for a homeowner choosing one over the other.

Roofing Materials and Area Covered

Commercial establishments tend to have roofs that are flat or with a very slight slope. Residential roofs on the other hand cover a comparatively smaller area and have steeper slopes. Flat roofs are very demanding and require a lot of maintenance work to be done from time to time.

Because the area covered by a commercial roofing company is larger, it requires a team of professionals to work on the same roof. A residential property requires fewer people and therefore will typically cost less. A commercial company is already accustomed to using many professionals and they are likely to follow the same trend even when dealing with residential tasks and this will translate into more expenses for the homeowner.

Since commercial companies charge more for their routine maintenance works, they are likely to charge the same amount to a homeowner as they would a business. This may be due to the fact that they do not have packages specifically designed for homes. A homeowner will be getting charged much more than they would have if they had chosen a residential roofing company in Richardson.

Insurance Costs

Liability insurance is much more expensive for a commercial company than for a residential company. The cost is also compounded by the fact that commercial companies usually have many employees working on the same roof. They also have bigger more expensive equipment because of the extensive work they need to do on commercial roofs. Their residential counterparts do not need to use fancy equipment and the task is relatively simple compared to what they do.

The company will then pass the cost down to the homeowner. This extra cost is not because of the value that the employee is getting from these companies. It is purely a reflection of the different dynamics and structure that commercial roofing companies operate in.

Company Operations

Usually commercial companies are situated closer to their commercial clients. They therefore set up their offices closer in areas with high land rates. They also have a significantly larger staff compared to a residential roofing company in Richardson. They require bigger spaces to house these staff.

On the other hand residential roofing companies run fairly small operations with fewer employees. They do not have big operations and can charge comparatively low prices and still break even.

Commercial roofing companies are outfitted for commercial jobs. They can hardly ever offer competitive prices compared to a residential roofing company in Richardson. Choosing a residential company is the best option for home owners. Even though the quality of work is going to be just about the same, commercial outfits will charge much more. Not because they deliver better value, but because of the business dynamics of such outfits.

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