5 Actions to Take After Rainstorm Commercial Roof Damage

A severe rainstorm can be a devastating and frightening experience. While light storms usually cause little to no issues, heavy rain is capable of causing irreversible damage to a roof. However, not everyone knows who to contact or what to do after the worst commercial roof damage has occurred. Read further for a few pre-inspection methods to try before you consider commercial roof repair.

1. Check All Rooms

An organized approach can help you document destruction safely and strategically. For example, assessing one room at a time allows you to focus on a specific area. The method can give you clear stopping points if interruptions occur. It also ensures that you avoid overlooking a serious problem.

2. Maintain a Detailed List

Create a descriptive list of all issues in preparation for commercial roof repair. It would be best to name each item and describe the damage in complete detail. In addition, file your list with forms and bills in a folder for future reference. You can also create an organizational system to keep all of your paperwork within easy reach.

3. Collect Photo Documentation

Photos are necessary to show substantial evidence of the destruction resulting from the storm. They provide visual detail but also serve as hard-copy or digital documentation, especially if you need commercial roof leak repair. Save your images on an external hard drive or a cloud-based account on a desktop or smartphone. Not only are they evidence, but they can also give you an advantage if you find yourself in a legal dispute.

4. File a Claim with a Reputable Insurance Company

Consider filing an insurance claim. Some insurers help individuals on a first-come, first-serve basis and view early filers as a high priority. Therefore, the longer you procrastinate, the more you risk losing an opportunity to receive compensation for any losses. Inform an insurance provider about any damage you see and your list of affected possessions.

5. Hire a Professional Roof Inspector

Some contractors offer roof inspections at a discount, especially after intense rain. However, others gouge their commercial roofing repair costs, intending to scam unsuspecting business owners. Find a trustworthy contractor to inspect your roof. While some damage may appear minor to you, a professional knows where to look and how to diagnose unassuming problems.

Pillar Roofing and Construction knows how devastating a rainstorm can be. Our experienced roof contractors can examine and work hard to restore your roof. Contact us to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience to assess your commercial roof damage.

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