Top 4 Most Common Roof Problems

A roof plays a crucial role in protecting you and your family from the elements that can sometimes be harsh. This means your roof cannot last forever as it is always exposed to the scorching sun and raging storm, bringing about issues. Some of these common roof problems are outlined below.


Roof punctures appear due to sharp pressure or weight that makes holes in your roofing materials. The punctures result from foot traffic, hailstones, tree damage, accidental tool drops, roof installation, strong winds, or even wildlife.

Roof Leaks

This is the most obvious issue affecting roofs, which you can easily detect through such signs as damp walls or discolored ceilings. Leaks result from cracked flashing or broken tiles, shingles, and slates, among many other causes. You can expect to spot leaks in areas like near pipes and vents, around your gutters, at flashing points, or beneath damaged shingles. A roofing specialist can help you address leak problems competently.


Trapped moisture occurs whenever there’s a presence of poor attic or roof ventilation. It causes damage to your roof’s insulation, rafters, shingles, and sheathing. Other issues are higher energy bills as well as mold and mildew. Regular professional maintenance can detect this problem and resolve it before it gets out of hand.


Roof blistering can happen to all roofing systems, though it’s more prevalent in roofs with membranes. This is because the gaps between membrane plies form blisters. The space between the membrane and the underlying substrate can also cause blisters.

Tiny blisters are harmless. Yet when they enlarge, they accumulate more moisture or air. Roof blisters resemble bubbles when on the roof. As they increase in size, they will eventually cause difficulties, such as leaking or caving in of the roof, which may require either roof repair or replacement.

Address Your Roofing Problems Now

Pillar Roofing & Construction offers repairs for these common roof problems.  Reach out to us for any concerns you may have with your roof.

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