Most Common Roofing Problems

Most homeowners encounter roofing problems from time to time, ranging from small ones like roof leaks to major ones like cracking. No matter the magnitude of the problem, immediate attention saves your roof from developing significant ailments that force a call for expensive repairs. But what are some of these roofing problems?

Common Roofing Problems

1.    Roof Leaks

Leaking roofs allow water to flow into the house through the broken tiles, slates, or shingles. The signs of a roof leak include damp walls and discolored ceilings. Most leaks occur at or near:

  • The gutters
  • The valleys or low spots
  • The skylights
  • The damaged shingles
  • The chimney
  • The flashing points.

2.    Punctures and Holes.

The punctures, marks, scrapes, or big holes in the roof have various causes, such as wood-boring insects and foot traffic of technicians walking over the roof. Holes and roof punctures expose the underlying wood to predisposing factors like moisture, facilitating rotting.

3.    Pooled Water

When a roof starts accumulating water in the form of little ponds, your house becomes prone to more significant future problems. When the weight of the pooled water outweighs the roof’s strength, the roof is likely to collapse or start leaking.

4.    Cracking and Blistering

Depending on the roof installed, the roofs can develop ridges, blisters, and cracks over time. Most built-up roofs with several layers covering extensive relatively flat surfaces are susceptible to blistering and cracking.

5.    Shrinkage

When the roofing materials shrink, other problems such as pulling apart of the critical components, cracking, and deterioration begin. Primarily, shrinking affects the roofs covered with synthetic rubber membranes and other coverings.

6.  Clogged Gutters.

Broken, clogged, or generally defective gutters might bring water back up into the system. If so happens, water seeps into the eaves, facilitating rotting.

7.    Poor Installation

Choosing an amateur for roofing will cost you a lot in the long run. They give shoddy installation that brings other complications and short life expectancy for your roof.

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