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  • Steve  Monahan Photo
    Steve Monahan
    Operations Manager

    From: Born in McKinney, Texas but was relocated to California as an infant. Steve returned to Texas in 1995 and resides in Garland.

    Background: As a young man, Steve worked in the high-end service industry from coast to coast. He spent numerous years in the Bay area of Silicon Valley working in the engineering field. He worked as a drafter and illustrator for various disk drive companies in the late eighties. Upon returning to the great state of Texas, Steve became interested in roofing and construction through a mutual friend. His expertise in the industry and his passion for people have led him to this company. His desire to partner with people from start to finish, from initial contract to final inspection, has given him a powerful reputation in the roofing industry.

    Interests: Family, Cooking, Music, Billiards, Cinema, and Traveling