Commercial Roofing Company Richardson

The Importance of a Commercial Roofing Company in Richardson

If you want a home or an office building that will stand the test of time, you must build it with the right plans, materials and methods of construction. The standard process in building a structure in today’s world is to let a construction company do all the work. There are advantages and disadvantages to this method.

Advantage and Disadvantage

The main advantage in allowing a construction company to do all the works is that you will only deal with one company. That makes the process easier and more convenient. However, if the construction company is not that dependable, your house or building will not be as strong, as durable, and as attractive as you want it to be.

There is an Option That Might Be Better

An option that might prove better than the first one is to hire a company that specializes in one type of construction. For instance, the roof should be one of the strongest components of a house or a building, whether it is an ordinary roof or a modern rooftop.

If you want your roof to really be strong and durable, you will need the knowledge and skills of a commercial roofing company in Richardson, such as Pillar Roofing and Construction. In this way, the roof that will be built in your house is not just a ‘part of the package’ but will be customized to your wants and needs.

Our Roofing Services can be Relied Upon

We are a commercial roofing company in Richardson that takes pride in our construction works. Pillar Roofing and Construction has been a winner of the “Excellence in Customer Satisfaction” in 2014 and for the past four years, with at least 4 stars. We are providing our customers with a comprehensive and accurate roofing construction that will satisfy their requirements.

Roof Maintenance is One of our Specialties

Our specialty is not just roof construction, but also in the more complicated business of roof maintenance. Our very thorough reporting system for your roof called “W.A.R. Plan” will ensure that your roof is solidly weatherproofed and waterproofed.

We are a commercial roofing company in Richardson that uses the most up-to-date Thermal Imaging Moisture Detecting Camera Gun. With this piece of equipment, our technicians can tell exactly what’s wrong with your existing roof, enabling you to decide on what really should be done to have it repaired.

This moisture detecting camera gun helps our technicians to:

  • Pinpoint the exact location of water intrusion
  • Find moisture beneath the roof surface in minutes
  • Quickly scan large roof areas to determine and recommend what can be repaired or restored
  • Help us provide you with indisputable evidence and documentation of your roof damage.

You can depend on us on any roofing needs because we have a solid reputation in the industry. Pillar Roofing and Construction is a commercial roofing company in Richardson that offers adequate insurance coverage and warranty certificates. Our credentials are valid proofs that our commercial roofing capabilities are of high-quality standards. The best way you can prove this is to ask for our help in your commercial roofing needs.

For more information contact Pillar Roofing CTX at (214) 293-3904.

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