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How to Know When it’s Time to Hire a Roofing Contractor in Richardson

One of the most important parts of a house is its roof. It’s what keeps the earth’s natural elements outside, so you can have a comfortable life inside. But, the lifespan of your roof won’t last forever, and eventually you might start noticing some leaks in your house. Here are some tips that will help you know when it’s time to upgrade your roof and call a roofing contractor in Richardson.


How long has it been since your roof has been replaced? If you don’t know, it’s something worth considering. Most experts figure that a typical roof is only going to last anywhere up to 25-years before it needs to be replaced. It also will depend on if the previous roof was totally removed and it’s just a layer of more shingles. If the roof was installed without removing those shingles, chances are those other layers are equally as old and need to be replaced.


When your shingles begin buckling or curling, it will show that it’s time for a replacement. Shingles can start to curl in a couple of different ways, which are cupping and clawing. Cupping is what happens when the edges of the shingles begin to turn upward, and clawing is when the edges remain flat and the middle starts to lift. Besides curling, it is also possible for entire shingles to be missing from your roof. Not only does this make your roof look bad, but it’s also the main cause of the leaking. If your shingles are showing wear like this, you have anywhere between one and five years to get them replaced by a roofing contractor in Richardson before it comes a major issue.

Shingle Granules

You can look in the attached gutters to see if shingle granules have ended up there. Roofs will have a tendency to lose more and more granules as the roof and shingles are reaching the end of their use. Granules are what keep the sun off the asphalt, and once they fall off, the shingles begin to bake in the heat of the sun and in time the quality of them will start deteriorating. Roofing contractors suggest that a telling sign is to look at the shingles and see if there are any kinds of inconsistency with the colors, where it’s darker or lighter, in some parts of the roof.

Light Through the Roof

If you have an attic, check to see if there are any sources of light or sunlight coming through the roof, or to see if there is any moisture in the insulation. If light can get in, so can other elements such as rain, cold air, and snow, or even small critters and bugs if the problem isn’t taken care of. Next time it rains, look or have a roofing contractor in Richardson see how much water is coming in. Another sign is when the roof itself has a spongy feeling or somewhat of a “trampoline bounce” when walking on the roof. If so, this could mean that the underlying layer or decking is weakened.

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