What Are the Main Culprits of Commercial Roof Problems?

The roofing system plays a crucial role in protecting your commercial property. While most commercial roofs last for several years, they are prone to damages over time. Knowing the causes of roofing problems will help you take appropriate actions to enhance your roof’s health. Here are six common issues that necessitate a commercial roof repair:

Inadequate Attic Ventilation         

Good ventilation is essential for the roof to protect your property adequately. Improper ventilation causes a build-up of heat and moisture in the attic, thus weakening the rooftop. When left unresolved, poor ventilation not only shortens your roof’s lifespan but also skyrockets your energy bills and jeopardizes your health.

Aging Roof

Typically, every roof is bound to age and weaken at one point despite the estimated longevity. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that your roof is inspected yearly by a reliable roofer. An expert roofing contractor will determine whether the roof’s condition requires a revamp or total replacement.

Improper Installation

When it comes to your commercial roofing repair project, it is crucial to hire professional roofers. A poorly installed roof can result in costly roofing repairs and premature replacements. Always ensure that your roofer is accredited and has experience of at least ten years in the construction industry.

Pooling Water

Most commercial property owners prefer a flat roofing system because of its longevity and easy maintenance. Even so, it’s worth knowing that flat roofs are vulnerable to water pools, particularly during winter and spring. If not cleared, stagnant water can damage your roof as well as the entire structure.

Poor Maintenance

Regardless of how sturdy your roof might be, regular commercial roof maintenance is vital. Routine inspections and prompt roofing repairs will extend your roof’s lifespan. You will also avoid hurting your savings with high utility bills and repair costs.

Overhanging Tree Branches

If you have noted low-hanging branches scraping against your commercial rooftop, trimming them will be a brilliant idea. Overhanging branches damage the roof by stripping off the roof layers or falling onto the rooftop during a strong wind.

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