Why Wood Shake Roofing is Right for You

Arguably one of the most classic roofing materials, wood shake stands because very few people go with this roofing material. While you might think that other forms of roofing, such as metal or tile roofing, are better, here are reasons why you should not ignore wood shakes just yet.

Better insulation

Wood shakes are made from wood such as cedar, and since wood is a natural insulator, wood shakes guarantee minimal heat loss during cold nights or seasons, ensuring a warm indoor environment. Wood is also a poor conductor of heat and thus does not trap as much heat compared to materials such as metal, providing a cool indoor environment in the summer. Therefore, wood shakes are your go-to roofing material if you are in need of increased energy efficiency in your household.

Resistant to the vagaries of weather

Although it might not look like it, wood shakes are sturdy and resilient even in tough weather conditions. In fact, wood shakes are more impervious to wind than asphalt shingles. Wood shakes made of cedar enhance the stability of the entire roof deck when used.

Easily Recyclable

Wood is a naturally occurring material, meaning that once removed or replaced, wood shakes can be used around the home or disposed of without posing a danger to the environment. The issue of sustainability can be resolved by planting new trees to replace those used in making wooden roofs.


You’ve probably heard that wood shake roofing is susceptible to rotting or algae, and are highly flammable. However, this is not entirely true as all this can be easily remedied with particular treatments and protective coatings that render them durable and fire-resistant. The wide choice of wood shakes, varying from  medium to heavy shakes, also means that you can select your preferred option, with heavy shakes being the most durable.

Curb appeal

There is no denying that wood shakes are aesthetically pleasing because of their unique appearance. They might start as light brown and evolve to dark brown or acquire a silver-gray color over time, but even then, they will be visually appealing to look at. They can also be made of unfurnished split wood for that rustic, authentic look or cut tapered and smooth sawn on both faces for a neat, personalized finish.

Resistance to impact

Wood shakes are naturally thicker than other roofing materials such as metal. They can thus withstand high impacts resulting from hail or other material that may fall on them.

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