Commercial Roofing – Is It Time for a Roof Replacement?

While commercial roofs can have a longer lifespan than residential ones, there are still times when a full roof replacement needs to happen.  Here are four ways to tell if you need to bite the bullet and replace your entire roof.

Roof Membrane Damage

The job of the roofing membrane is simple.  It’s used to prevent water from leaking into your building.  If you keep a close eye on it and regularly inspect it, you may be able to tell when problems begin to arise.  However, with damage from the elements and the aging of the roof, bald spots and lifting may occur, which can lead to significant water damage if not corrected quickly.

Water Damage

By regularly checking the building’s walls and ceilings, especially in the attic area, you’ll be able to spot the signs of water damage.  Look for watermarks or stains and any signs of mold.  These signals of water damage mean your roof may not be functioning properly, and you’ll need to enlist a professional to take a look.

Insulation Problems

A tell-tale sign of insulation problems is a high electric bill.  If there are no unusual circumstances for such an increase, and the property’s HVAC system has been checked, the problem might be deficiencies in your roof.

Overall Roof Assessment

A new roof for your commercial building can be expensive so it’s imperative to take a look at all factors before making your decision.  These include:

  • The age of your current roof
  • The type of roof in place
  • How often it has been repaired or serviced
  • The current state of the property (water damage, mold, drafts, and rising electric costs)
  • Climate (Is the building prone to heavy wind and rain?)

Once you consider all these different factors, and how they’re affecting your property, a total roof replacement may be an easy decision.

Call the Best

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