Commercial Roofing in Dallas, TX

Commercial Roofing System

Call us to find out which commercial roofing solution is best for you!

Solutions for commercial roofing in Dallas, TX are extensive and can be difficult to compare. Some roofing systems offer an extended life but can be high maintenance. Still, others offer minimal maintenance and a long life but are more costly commercial roofing solutions.

Whether you are looking for an inexpensive roofing solution or a roofing system that requires little maintenance, give us a call at 214-293-3904. The project managers at Pillar Roofing and Construction can install or repair any commercial roofing system in Richardson, TX.

Commercial Roofing Installation

We offer high-quality commercial roofing systems in Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas. Our team of expert roofers can guide you through the process of choosing which solution is right for you, and install it quickly, with minimal traffic disruption. Our team has experience in all types of roofing systems in Dallas, TX on both low and high pitched commercial buildings. We work with suppliers that offer the highest quality roofing materials and install each roof quickly and efficiently to prevent future repair issues. Pillar Roofing and Construction, located in Richardson, TX, works with you to install the right roofing system for your budget and needs.

  • Built Up Roofing Built Up Roofing can last up to 30 years and is a low cost, low maintenance commercial roof solution for low-slope roofing systems.
  • Metal Roofing A commercial roofing solution that can last as long as 70 years with minimal maintenance, metal roofing systems can be a great option for many commercial roofs.
  • Modified Bitumen Roofs The modified bitumen roofing system is the most popular and most inexpensive commercial roofing solution.
  • Single Ply Roofing Single ply roofing is a low-mess, energy efficient commercial roofing solution with a lifespan reaching up to 40 years.

Commercial Roofing Repair and Restoration

If you are a business owner and need commercial roofing repairs in the Dallas, TX area, call Pillar Roofing and Construction at 214-293-3904 to ensure your entire project is done quickly and correctly. We perform repair services on every type of commercial roof and work with quality suppliers to make sure your repairs last.Our team can complete repairs within a few days with little to no heavy equipment.

We offer multiple restoration options to accommodate every style of commercial roofing in Richardson, TX. Roof coatings can re-seal damage due to water pooling, separation, and weather wear. Roofing Coatings can also help protect your roof against new problems and weak spots. This added protection can help your roofing system last years longer. Call us at 214-293-3904 to find out which coating is right for you.

  • Commercial Roof Repair Pillar Roofing and Construction in Richardson, TX is experienced in all commercial repairs such as hot and cold seam repair, sheet replacement, patch jobs, and more.
  • Roof Restoration Roof restoration and coating protection can help your roof last years longer. Call us at to talk about your options.