Residential Roofing for Richardson & Dallas

Residential Roofing Options

Call Pillar Roofing and Construction to discuss the roof you’ve always wanted for your home.

Pillar Roofing and Construction is a proud provider of residential roofing in Richardson, TX and the nearby areas. We do whatever we can to provide our clients with a reliable and simple roof repair or re-roofing service. We even keep a large selection to choose from, so that you can find your ideal roof in regards to your needs as well as your budget.

Our roofers are experienced in every type and style of residential roofing solutions and can help you decide which is right for you. Serving the Richardson and the Dallas area, our project managers discuss every option thoroughly and assigns each client a project manager to help guide and advise you throughout the claims and roofing process so you will never feel out of the loop.

Installation and Repair

When you use Pillar Roofing and Construction, you can rest assured that you are getting the highest quality work on your roof installation. Sometimes repairs are needed due to weather and sun damage, and pooling water. When your roof is in need of repairs, call Pillar Roofing at (972) 798-8901 to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Our expert team can repair any style of residential roofing system in Dallas, TX, and will guide you through the process to ensure your satisfaction. Our team can repair almost any residential roof within a few days, and will even assist you with filing the claim with your insurance company.

  • Composition Roofing The most popular and inexpensive residential roofing solution, providing up to 30 years of roofing protection.
  • Concrete and Clay Tile Tile roofing systems are a beautiful way to add value and curb appeal to your home and require little maintenance.
  • Exotic and Synthetic These roofing systems can offer permanent protection with little to no maintenance required. Call Pillar Roofing and Construction at to discuss your options.
  • Metal In the right conditions, these low-cost residential roofing systems can last up to 70 years and can be installed over existing roofs.
  • Slate This residential roofing solution is environmentally friendly and can last more than 150 years with minimal maintenance.
  • Wood Shakes Wood is an attractive solution, providing value to your home and up to 50 years of protection with regular maintenance.
  • Roofing Ventilation Correct ventilation is imperative to your roof performing properly. Pillar Roofing and Construction in Dallas, TX will help you make the right choice.
  • Moisture Barrier Don’t let your roof be damaged by inside moisture. Call Pillar Roofing and Construction at to learn how to choose a good moisture barrier.

To find out more about residential roofing in Richardson and the Dallas area, call us at (972) 798-8901.