Roofing Ventilation

Proper roof ventilation in Richardson, TX means to supply a continuous flow of air through the attic space, and is required to protect your home and roof system in hot Texas temperatures. Non-ventilated attics in Dallas can reach up to 170°F, which is not only extremely dangerous for people, but can cause major damage to shingles and sheathing.  For more details on maintaining your roofing ventilation in the Richardson, TX area, call Pillar Roofing and Construction at 214-293-3904.

Roof Ventilation Products

Roof ventilation systems use equal amounts of energy from two separate systems which work together seamlessly. Intake vents are mounted lower on the home and use air flow to intake dry, cool air into the roof space. Likewise, exhaust ventilation fans are mounted on top of the roofing system and expel heat and moisture from the roof space. The two systems working in tandem can increase the life of your roof, lower your energy cost, and protect from mold, rot, and mildew that can lead to health problems. On the contrary, homes without proper ventilation system can face manufacturer’s warranty voids and discontinuances. It’s important for your roofing ventilation in Dallas, TX to be regularly inspected for damage and malfunctions.

Intake Ventilation Solutions

Options for intake ventilation include solutions for every position, as well as models designed for aesthetic purposes, close-able models, and vents designed for use on gables and other structures that are difficult to ventilate. Proper intake ventilation choice and installation is important to the life of your roof, so make sure you have an experienced roofing team like Pillar Roofing and Construction complete the process.

Exhaust Ventilation Solutions

Exhaust ventilation helps to push hot, moist air outside from the roof space. There are many types of exhaust ventilation solutions, all with different features and benefits. To ensure you choose the right roof ventilation system for you, call the experts at Pillar Roofing and Construction at 214-293-3904.

Four main types of exhaust ventilation fans are typically used on most roofing systems. Ridge vents are known for their aesthetically pleasing appearance and quiet performance. They also have a long lifespan and protect against most elements including weather, debris, and animal infestation. Other choices for top protection from the elements are louvers and turbines, both of which are comparatively low cost. Power vents are known for their versatility and can be used in almost any climate and roof space. They are also one of the most energy efficient exhaust fan choices.  When it’s time to install you roofing ventilation in Richardson, TX, call the professionals at Pillar Roofing and Construction. We will give you the information you need to create a personally tailored system of roofing ventilation for Dallas, TX heat. Call Pillar Roofing at 214-293-3904 whether you are creating a new system or as part of a roof restoration project.